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Press Release OTRA x NEDAP

News - January 17, 2023

Bierbeek, Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

On its journey to improve the life of truck drivers, OTRA Solutions teams up with great partners who share that mission. OTRA guarantees safe & secure parkings along the busiest transport corridors in Europe, it assesses every parking before being added to its network, and offers a real-time view of their availability. This is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Nedap.

Nedap Identification Systems

Nedap is the leading specialist in automatic vehicle identification and vehicle access for over 30 years. Their goal is to identify vehicles and their drivers without delaying them. That is how Nedap empowers security, parking, and traffic management systems all over the world. Nedap offers a broad product portfolio with high-performance long-range RFID and License Plate Recognition systems. Next to this, Nedap offers a complete vehicle access platform, called MOOV, to automatically provide vehicle access to the local truck parking based on the booking realized by the OTRA truck parking system.


We can celebrate our first full installation done with an OTRA parking in Europe, with four more in the pipeline. This Pan-European collaboration enables us to provide fully automated truck access control to the network of OTRA truck parking in order to ensure maximum security levels to our network of parkings.

Together, we can bring some exciting features to Parking Operators such as full Access Controller, pylon, intercom, traffic lights, security skirt on barriers and even more. We are working together to contribute in developing safe and secure parking network in Europe, where there is a need for over 100K spaces to meet the total demand.

Evelien O’Sullivan, Proposition Manager MOOV at Nedap Identification Systems says: “We are glad to collaborate with OTRA to ensure secure and automatic truck access and parking. OTRA Park™, the reservation platform has been seamlessly integrated with Nedap’s MOOV vehicle access platform. In combination with Nedap’s license plate recognition camera ANPR Lumo, automated access to the truck parking can be provided for trucks that reserve parking spaces using the OTRA Truck app. Together we can ensure a total solution to provide automatic access and manage access rights for trucks to the parking area to ensure truck drivers can comply with driving hour regulations and can find a rest area in time.”

What does it mean for Transport companies and drivers?

It means that when they book parking spots via our solutions (OTRA Fleet Manager™ or OTRA Park™) they can rest assured that it will be in areas secure for both driver and cargo. It also means everything is in real-time and automated. And all put together it saves time and money!

Gizem Pideci, Head of Marketing at OTRA concludes: “Drivers are safe, cargos secure and fleet managers less overwhelmed.”


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For further information please get in touch with:

Gizem Pideci

OTRA Solutions

Head of Marketing



Evelien O’Sullivan

Nedap Identification Systems

Proposition Manager MOOV


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01.02.2023 | News

Euro Rastpark Becomes International Through Cooperation With OTRA

With over 2,000 truck parking spaces along the motorway, the 18 Euro Rastpark areas in Germany are an indispensable part of the German transport infrastructure. Our parking lots are video-monitored, mostly fenced in, brightly lit and offer drivers the necessary peace and security away from the noisy motorway. Trained staff is available to provide advice […]

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25.01.2023 | News

Our parking network expands into Germany!

Safe and secure parkings in Germany are crucial for your drivers and for your clients’ cargos. We are excited to announce that the EuroRastpark Regensburg-Ost parking facility is now available for advance booking for trucks on the OTRA platform. This feature will provide your truck drivers with the convenience and peace of mind of having […]

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10.01.2023 | News

OTRA is now in Paris with gold parking.

???? Oh Paris! We know this is a burning hole in the map for many of you! And we have a great solution to share: as of now, you can book King Park Porte de Bercy via your OTRA Fleet Manager™ or OTRA Park™. This silver truck parking with 40 spots for you is conveniently […]

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20.12.2022 | News

OTRA: what’s in store for 2023

OTRA’s founders, Isabel Corne and Sven Bols where moved to do something when they saw the persisting degrading working conditions for truck drivers in Europe. They decided to find out how technology and digital tools in particular could improve the industry. That’s how OTRA was born, as a solution to help fleet managers optimise driving […]

Truck Washing and Tank Cleaning

14.12.2022 | Fleet managers

Truck Wash & Tank Clean Businesses

Access a new pan European portfolio of customers and reduce the administrative hassle

23.11.2022 | News

Driver shortage in Europe – an infographics

When IRU published their driver shortage report for 2022, it was a confirmation of what we all see every day : the hauling industry is suffering because, amongst other things, it does not attract enough drivers. Being away from home for long stretch of time is not for everybody. Long working hours and low security […]

09.11.2022 | News

NEW POSITION OPEN: Partnership Manager Europe

  Partnership Manager Europe M/V (Permanent – Fulltime)   Are you an experienced professional in developing partnerships who thrives in a fast-paced, high-growth environment? Are you eager to help a successful scale-up in building a productive installation partner network with power to expand the market? Do you love a no-nonsense, respectful, and transparent culture?   […]

27.10.2022 | News

OTRA at TransLogistica fair in Warsaw – November 7th, 8th, 9th

We are strong believers in using technology at the service of people. This is why our solutions improve truck drivers’ lives but also simplify the administrative tasks of transport companies or parking operators. That human touch is at the heart of everything we do and we are looking forward to meeting you in person very soon at TransLogistica […]

12.10.2022 | News

OTRA : the solution for truck drivers safety

Truck Drivers: you don’t have to spend one more night on the side of the road, prey to any sort of vandalism and poor sleep! OTRA ‘s mission is to improve trucks drivers’s lives and ensure cargo safety. Don’t wait any longer and download our app from the Apple store or Google store and never […]

12.10.2022 | Fleet managers

OTRA: the solution for transport companies

Offering safe and secure truck parking areas to your drivers and their cargo has become an increasingly important part of your day to day activities. At OTRA, we know that accurate data, a guaranteed secure spot and centralised invoicing are key contributors to a more efficient operational execution and with our OTRA FLEET MANAGER™ we […]

12.10.2022 | News

OTRA: the solution for Parking Operators

We all know it, parking operators suffer from not having enough prking space left…or having too much. Then, you have to follow up on payments but also try and get the most business from your full offer of services: truck wash, restaurant… OTRA  makes your life simpler and ensures you run a profitable and sustainable […]

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03.10.2022 | News

C4T, Calais FR– Welcome to OTRA community.

We have a footmark now in Calais! C4T – welcome to OTRA community.

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22.09.2022 | News


Please join us by welcoming a new GOLD level parking at the Spanish – French border. Parking CALSINA CARRE is strategically located on the A9 highway which plays an important role for the transporters who are driving on Mediterranean or Northern European routes. The parking holds a TAPA GOLD level certificate which guarantees the safeness […]

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30.08.2022 | News

We are pleased to welcome in our network 3 new parkings

We are pleased to welcome in our network 3 new parkings. Two of them are sitting on the Atlantic Corridor in Spain and the other one is very close to the tobacco warehouses in Poland. Ocean Transport parking in El Prat de Llobregat, Barcelona area is located close to the harbour area and it offers […]

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30.08.2022 | News

4 new languages in the OTRA universe

We are pleased to announce we have added to our OTRA applications 4 more languages. OTRA Park™, OTRA Fleet Manager™ and OTRA Park Manager™ have been joined by Italian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Turkish in addition to English, Spanish, French, Romanian, Polish and Dutch. Choose your language and discover the OTRA universe!

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12.07.2022 | News


Avec notre expansion, parler la langue de nos clients reste une de nos priorités. OTRA est heureux d’annoncer que le français est la 6e langue ajoutée à nos applications. Vous pouvez la trouver dans OTRA Park™, OTRA Fleet Manager™ et OTRA Park Manager™. Restez à l’écoute ! D’autres langues seront ajoutées prochainement.     With […]

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12.07.2022 | News

New bookable parkings in Spain and Poland

The Atlantic Corridor stretches from the ports of the Iberian Peninsula to the port of Le Havre in Northern France playing a crucial role on today´s road transportation map. We are pleased to welcome into our network 3 new parkings sitting on the Atlantic Corridor in the city of Valladolid, Salamanca, and Léon. Centrolid Truck […]

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09.06.2022 | News

Cześć! Hallo!

Our local footprint is continuously extending and so does the language range of our applications. Next to English, Spanish and Romanian please join Polish and German to our OTRA Park™, OTRA Fleet Manager™ and OTRA Park Manager™. Stay tune! More languages will be added soon.

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08.06.2022 | News

New safe and secured OTRA Parkings in Italy and Hungary

We are happy to announce our first safe and secured parking in Italy.

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06.05.2022 | News

European Commission adopts EU standards for safe and secure parking areas

The European Move Pack concerning safe and secure parking areas is now anchored in European law, therefore it doesn´t represent only an industry standard anymore. The standards are based on four levels of security (bronze, silver, gold, and platinum), a common level of service and certification procedures, and build on the work of the 2019 […]

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06.05.2022 | News


We are pleased to announce OTRA is expanding the parking network in Spain offering more opportunities to the drivers to take a break in a safe & secure environment. Campa Nules Parking Camiones is a GOLD level parking situated 45 minutes from Valencia via V-21 and A-7.

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01.04.2022 | News

OTRA guarantees your secure parkings in Spain and France

Located on one of the six major roads in Spain (A-4, Madrid-Sevilla), at a distance of 45 km from Madrid, the parking Area 47 represents a safe haven for both domestic and international trucks. Equipped with barriers, electrical supply, and separate dangerous goods spots, the parking is also providing 24h surveillance and truck wash services. […]

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31.03.2022 | News


Shortages and fuel theft: Europe’s drivers face increasing pressure from the Ukraine-Russia crisis The increased chaos created by the war in Ukraine is underlining the need for safety for European truck drivers [Brussels – date] The effect of the Russian invasion of Ukraine was devastating. It’s becoming increasingly clear is that there are going to […]

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31.03.2022 | News

OTRA Solutions joins the industry association ESPORG

The well-being of truck drivers has become a top priority over the past years. We, at OTRA, are relentlessly striving to improve the lives of the drivers by connecting an accessible & reliable network of secure parking lots. As such, we are delighted to announce our recent membership of the industry body ESPORG and feel […]

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31.03.2022 | News


¡Hola Nos complace anunciar el lanzamiento de nuestras apps en idioma español. Ahora puedes hacer tus reservas en tu idioma utilizando nuestras aplicaciones OTRA Park™, OTRA Fleet Manager™ y OTRA Park Manager™. Estamos muy contentos de extender nuestra impronta local. Contáctenos a través de hello@weareotra.com para participar en nuestra comunidad OTRA. We are happy to announce the […]

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02.03.2022 | News

Book your spot in 3 new secure parking areas in Spain thanks to OTRA

Accounting for 95,2% of all cargo shipments, road transport keeps dominating Spain. Consequently, Safe & Secure parking areas accommodating a safe haven for both domestic and international trucks remain an absolute challenge. Fleet managers and drivers will be pleased to know that three more locations are now bookable thanks to OTRA. Professional services in central […]

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01.03.2022 | News

Fleet managers will see security level definitions in OTRA Fleet Manager™ platform

Up to 78% of the drivers state they want accurate information on the location, the facilities, and the availability of a parking spot. On top of this, fleet companies and their dispatcher consider the Security level of the parking area of utmost importance. Our parking search engine, the OTRA Fleet Manager™ platform, has security level […]

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31.01.2022 | Fleet managers

Guarantee your stay at Hatvan with OTRA

Taking the newly completed A3 from Oradea to join Hungary’s M4 motorway is a preferred way for trucks going to Ukraine from south-eastern Europe and Black Sea. The newly completed A3 runs from the junction with the Bucharest ring road through Transylvania and north-west Romania, before merging with Hungary’s M4 motorway at the border and […]

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31.01.2022 | Fleet managers

Vidin Danube Parking at the Bulgaria-Romanian border

Avoid losing precious time at the Bulgaria-Romanian border thanks to the new safe and secure parking, Vidin Danube!  

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15.12.2021 | News

We are proud to be featured by our Ambassadors

We are proud! Drivers and our parking operators subscribe to the OTRA promise and confirm we are on the right track. Supported by our Ambassadors, we are proud to grow our European footprint offering safe and secure parking areas to truck drivers. Join our community at hello@weareotra.com

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26.11.2021 | EU Projects

We are launching a tender

We are launching a tender in order to engage a general contractor firm for the construction of a gold-level standard SSTPA with 180 parking spaces at Curtici (RO) in the proximity of the Romanian motorway E 671.

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19.11.2021 | News


Good news for anyone that uses the busy Mediterranean corridor: safe and secure truck parking is joining the OTRA network in Barcelona, Spain.

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17.11.2021 | News

OTRA Solutions is continuing to expand its European footprint and entering new countries.

The network has recently been extended in Spain by two parkings in the Girona area. Their high-security facilities ensure drivers get a good rest before continuing their route on the highly frequented Mediterranean Corridor On the Orient/East-Med Corridor, a new parking area at Hatvan on Hungary’s M3 motorway is now available for booking. This location […]

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05.11.2021 | EU Projects

OTRA to extend its safe and secure parking network in Hungary and Romania

Truck drivers in Hungary and Romania will be able to count on a new network of connected secure and safe parking spaces with spots guaranteed by OTRA from 2022

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12.10.2021 | Fleet managers

Addressing Europe’s trucking problems one driver at a time

The issues facing Europe’s transport sector – and indeed the economy as a whole – are numerous and diverse. Addressing them will require solutions at different levels. Yet the key turning point of all these issues remains the drivers, and the conditions they work in. This is where the solution will be made or will […]

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20.09.2021 | Fleet managers

OTRA – The most Promising Start-up Award by Alycho

We are thrilled to announce that OTRA Solution has been awarded as the most Innovative Start-up Award at Alychlo Awards Evening on 16 September 2021.

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30.07.2021 | Fleet managers


Cargo crime is broadly recognized to be the n° 1 problem in Europe’s transport sector, a problem that sucks €8.2 billion out of the economy. According to reports, 75% of all thefts or damage occur at unsecured parking zones, and 78% of drivers consider clear parking information vital for their job performance. Truckstop 26 Bis […]

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10.06.2021 | News


We are proud to launch OTRA, a unique service platform that will improve European truck drivers’ lives and offer peace of mind to transportation companies. OTRA guarantees them a reservation system for safe and secure parking spots for drivers and cargo all over Europe. This service connects drivers, transport companies, and parking operators in real-time. […]

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09.06.2021 | News



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09.06.2021 | EU Projects

Kick-off Event – Parking Curtici

On 10 May 2021 a kick-off event was held in Curtici at the office of the beneficiary Trans Trans Combi S.R.L..  There was representation from the local, regional and European levels. The event marked the formal start of the project after the application procedure.   Important next steps for the project are detailed plans, the building […]

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12.04.2021 | EU Projects

Projects co-financed by the connecting Europe facility of the EU

The CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) project (SecureNetwork – 2019-EU-TMC-0323-W) is part of a Global Project of the Belgian company OTRA-solutions that aims to address the current lack of Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) by building or upgrading a total of 141 SSTPAs in Europe by 2026, all compliant with gold, silver or bronze […]

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18.12.2020 | EU Projects

Tender grants acquisition

We are launching a tender in order to engage an experienced (EU) grants acquisition and management consulting & advisory firm to prepare for and seize new EU funding applications related to the deployment and upgrade of cross- border SSTP areas.

Undescribed image

18.12.2020 | EU Projects

Project in Hungary

A total of three parking areas will be available in Hungary, of which one is set for certification at Gold level and two are planned be certified at Silver level under the EU-Parking Standard.

Undescribed image

16.12.2020 | EU Projects

Project in Curtici

At Curtici, near the Romanian-Hungarian border, a new safe and secure parking area will be deployed with 180 parking spaces for trucks.

Undescribed image

15.12.2020 | EU Projects

CEF project

The CEF project (SecureNetwork – 2019-EU-TMC-0323-W) is part of a Global Project of the Belgian company OTRA-solutions that aims to address the current lack of Safe and Secure Truck Parking Areas (SSTPAs) by building or upgrading a total of 141 SSTPAs in Europe by 2026, all compliant with gold, silver or bronze level certification according […]

Undescribed image

12.12.2020 | EU Projects

Tender design & engineering

Co-financed by the Connecting Europe Facility of the European Union